Monday, July 6, 2009

my wedding, chapter 3A - decor details

chapter 3A - the ceremony

The decorations for the ceremony were kept simple and minimal for a few reasons. First, the ceremony took place at a public park on the ocean, so there was a chance things might blow away or get left behind in the grass. I'm no litterbug! Second, this is the shortest part of the evening, so spending a lot of money for something not everyone would notice wasn't my idea of being "cost-conscious". Third, look at that beautiful view! Mother Nature provided a jaw-dropping backdrop, so that's almost decor enough!

All lined up at the rehearsal in the bright sun. Luckily there was a layer of fog the next day so the glare wasn't as intense for the wedding!

I opted for white wood-composite chairs, a step up from regular folding chairs, for their comfort and higher-end look. We used the same chairs at the reception, hiring a few strong men to transfer them. Orange, pink and yellow rose petals defined the isle. The rose heads were purchased at a local farmer's market and my gracious aunts de-petaled them all! Finally, the last elements of decoration were the amazing copper urns flanking each side of the "alter". These large arrangements, by the wonderful ladies at Adornments, grounded and established the focal point. They also made a great frame for photos after the ceremony.

photos © Cameron Ingalls and Kathy Nixon

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Cake Lady said...

With a background like that you were right not to worry too much about additional decorations. It looks fabulous.