Tuesday, July 7, 2009

we're famous! kinda...

++ Breaking News : We're the Wedding of the Week on theknot.com! ++

Back in October, a month after the wedding, I was contacted by an editor at The Knot asking permission to feature our wedding in the California edition of their magazine. Umm... yes please! I was so flattered to be picked. Those wedding sites had been such an inspiration to me, it's so fun to now show my ideas. I must say a big thanks to our rockstar photographer Cameron Ingalls, because they are his amazing photos that The Knot (and Southern Weddings) wanted to feature. They gave me a lengthy questionnaire to fill out, and sorry to the editors, I gave quite long-winded responses! (At least I gave them a lot to work with!) We had to wait eight long months to see the issue. But it's on NorCal newsstands now! We were in the Northern California Fall/Winter edition. They sent us copies and it's really fun to see!

Also, our wedding feature lives on The Knot website.


Rachel said...

Hi Melanie,

I saw your wedding on TheKnot...I love the orange paisley ties...where did you find them? It's exactly what I'm looking for, and can't find them anywhere! If you wouldn't mind helping out! arena.rachel@gmail.com

melanie said...

hey Rachel - they are Countess Mara from Macy's. They also had other colors of the same paisley pattern, and that's how we ended up with the yellow groom's tie. We were on the hunt for orange ties (to go with the orange b-maid dresses) for so long and when we saw them we instantly knew they'd be perfect! It also helps when you clip coupon's out of the paper and go during when of their many sales!! good luck! :-)